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Posted 15 April 2010

Leading academic to deliver master class in phenomenology for Asian scholars

UCD Professor, Dermot Moran is one of two internationally renowned scholars selected to present a master class at the 4th Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of the foremost universities in Asia.

The Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica aims to encourage and support future generations of Asian phenomenologists, in order to continue Phenomenology for East-Asian CircLE (P.E.A.C.E.).

The 4th Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica runs from 19 July to 04 August 2010 and the master class will be attended by undergraduate students, post-doctoral fellows or advanced post-graduate students from universities of Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia Pacific region.

Professor Moran, who has been elected President of the Programme Committee for the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy due to take place in Athens in 2013, holds the Chair of Philosophy (Metaphysics and Logic) at University College Dublin.

A graduate of University College Dublin (BA, 1973) and Yale University (PhD, 1986), he has previously lectured at Queen's University Belfast and Maynooth College, and has held visiting professorships at Yale University. He is also a member of the Royal Irish Academy.

He is the founding editor of The International Journal of Philosophical Studies, a member of the Comitˆm Directrice of the Fˆmdˆmration Internationale des Sociˆmtˆms de Philosophie (FISP), a co-editor of the Contributions to Phenomenology book series (Springer) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology (CARP).

He has published widely on medieval philosophy (especially Christian Neoplatonism) and contemporary European philosophy (especially phenomenology).


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Leading academic to deliver master class in phenomenology for Asian scholars
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