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Posted 05 May 2010

NovaUCD client companies create 30 jobs since start of year

30 new high-tech jobs have been created by NovaUCD client companies since the beginning of the year. Four new start-ups, Cernam, LogScreen, SmartBuilder Software and Tethras, have also located at NovaUCD in the last four months, adding to its growing community of entrepreneurs.

Tethras, established earlier this year by Brian Farrell and Brendan Clavin, is developing web-based localisation tools for Smartphone application developers, and already employs 7 people. Other NovaUCD companies which have taken on new staff include Aonta Technologies, BiancaMed and Enzolve Technologies.

Pictured far right: Brian Farrell, co-founder, Tethras, one of the new high-tech ventures which has located to NovaUCD since the start of the year

"The creation of new jobs by NovaUCD client companies is clearly important for the long term development of Ireland's Smart Economy,” says Dr Pat Frain, Director, NovaUCD. “It is particularly satisfying for us in that these new jobs are further evidence of the growing confidence that has been evident among our client companies in recent months."

“We are also delighted to welcome our latest company recruits to NovaUCD. These companies are developing innovative products and services and they bring unique expertise and experience to NovaUCD which will make a significant contribution to our community of entrepreneurs.”

Cernam, established in 2008, is a specialist digital investigations company focusing on online investigations. Cernam, originally based in NovaUCD’s desk space before moving into an incubation unit, was founded by Owen O’Connor and is developing solutions for forensically-sound online evidence capture and analysis as well as providing training and consultancy services for a range of clients.

LogScreen, established in 2009 by Karl Schäckermann and Matthias Jacobs, is a managed security solutions provider providing event or activity log management services to small and medium-sized enterprises on the basis of business process outsourcing. The company’s core services comprise the integrated collection, processing, correlation, assessment, alerting and trending of security and risk information from IT systems and networks and it also provides log retention and digital forensic services.

SmartBuilder Software, established in 2009 by Richard Mulcahy and Peter Daly, is developing mobile software for use on building and engineering sites and will introduce its first product to market later this year.

A total of 28 high-tech and knowledge-intensive companies, occupying 39 incubation units, are now based at NovaUCD. These companies currently employ a total of 170 individuals.

An additional 8 entrepreneurs are also based in NovaUCD’s desk space facility available to individuals involved in the design of new ventures generally at the pre-incorporation stage of their development.

NovaUCD, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, is the hub of knowledge transfer activities at UCD. It is responsible for the commercialisation of intellectual property arising from UCD research, and as a purpose-built centre also nurtures new technology and knowledge-intensive enterprises.


NovaUCD 2010 Campus Company Development Programme (CCDP)

Sixteen new high-tech and knowledge-intensive business ventures, involving 34 individuals, have joined NovaUCD’s 2010 Campus Company Development Programme (CCDP). The programme assists academic and research entrepreneurs at University College Dublin in bringing their innovative ideas from intellectual concepts to fully-developed and commercial businesses. The nine-month, part-time programme offers a mix of monthly workshops, mentoring and one-to-one consultancy, delivered by NovaUCD staff, with support from Enterprise Ireland, and other experts.

The new ventures participating on this year's programme are commercialising research undertaken throughout the University, including research in the UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine; the UCD School of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering; the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science; the National Folklore Collection at UCD, the UCD Innovation Research Unit and Urban Institute of Ireland.


NovaUCD was founded funded through a unique public-private partnership that includes AIB Bank, Arthur Cox, Deloitte, Enterprise Ireland, Ericsson, Goodbody Stockbrokers, UCD and Xilinx.


(Produced by UCD University Relations)


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Brian Farrell, co-founder, Tethras, one of the new high-tech ventures which has located to NovaUCD since the start of the year
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