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Posted 16 August 2011

UCD launches major medicine and biotechnology initiative in the heart of China's 'Silicon Valley'

UCD has signed an agreement with Shenzhen University (SZU) to jointly establish the Institute of Health Science and Innovation.   This landmark collaboration between UCD and SZU integrates education, research and innovation programmes in health sciences, bioengineering and health-related technologies, healthcare management and informatics. The elements of the Institute include a Health Sciences Curriculum Development Unit; a Biomedical Engineering Research and Technology Centre and a Centre for Healthcare Leadership and Innovation.

As part of the agreement, the two universities will establish a doctoral programme (MD) for all qualified SZU medical graduates. The first year of the programme will take place in Shenzhen. Following the successful completion of the first year and the state medical licensing examination of China, the students will transfer to Dublin to pursue a further two years of translational research doctoral studies in UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science with joint supervision from academics and clinicians from UCD and SZU. The students will be awarded an MD degree from UCD.

The agreement was signed during the World University Presidents Forum (Shenzhen) hosted by the P.R. China Ministry of Education and Shenzhen Municipal Government. The Forum was held as part of the opening ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade, Shenzhen.

“UCD has prioritized internationalization in its new strategic plan Forming Global Minds and the agreement with Shenzhen University adds to the University’s multi-pronged links with China. Shenzhen is one of the world’s hotbeds of innovation.” The President of UCD, Dr Hugh Brady said.

For the past two years UCD has been advising Shenzhen University on the design of the curriculum for its new medical school. “Building on the strong collaboration developed recently between our two medical schools, this initiative should provide exciting new opportunities for Irish academic researchers and entrepreneurs to work in partnership with some of China’s most impressive medicine and biotechnology programmes. We also look forward to welcoming Shenzhen students to Dublin where they will be a wonderful addition to the UCD community”  He added.

 “I was impressed by UCD’s high quality of teaching, research and facilities during my visit in 2008” said Prof. Zhang Bigong, President of SZU. He went on to say that the main reason why UCD has been selected as the partner was the excellent reputation of the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.

“The UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science is particularly excited by the partnership with Shenzhen University.  In our experience, international partnerships such as these compel us to reflect, adjust and develop our teaching programmes with needs of the global citizen in mind.” said Professor William G. Powderly, Head of the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science. 

During the visit, Dr. Brady met with Madam Wu Yihuan, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen’s Municipal Government, and Madam Guo Yurong, Director of Shenzhen’s Municipal Education Bureau and briefed them on the functions of the joint Institute.  Dr. Brady also delivered a keynote speech “China and Ireland: Culture, Education and Community” at the World University Presidents Forum (Shenzhen).


About Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University (SZU) is a full-time comprehensive university accredited by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and is funded by Shenzhen Municipal Government.  Founded in 1983, China's Ministry of Education (MOE) attached great importance on the initial establishment of SZU in the Special Economic Zone.

The on-campus student body is currently 29,000 strong and an additional 14,000 off-campus students are engaged in continuing education. Every year, there are about 1,500 international students from over 40 countries sharing the SZU experience.


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UCD launches major medicine and biotechnology initiative in the heart of China's 'Silicon Valley'
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