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Posted 28 October 2014

UCD Emeritus Professor of Geography awarded Vautrin Lud Prize

The Vautrin Lud Prize in Geography, considered as the "Nobel" of geography, has been awarded to UCD Emeritus Professor of Geography, Anne Buttimer. The Prize is awarded by an international jury, following the procedure of the Nobel Prizes, choosing the laureate among nominees from all over the world for their life time achievements in geography.

“Without doubt Professor Buttimer is a geographer whose name is at the top of any list based on dedication, service, productivity and perseverance in the name of the geographic profession,” said Professor Antoine Bailly of the awarding jury.

“In addition to being a stellar research scholar she has served the field in a number of capacities, as the President of the International Geographical Union (IGU) 2000-2004 and most recently (2014) as Vice-President of Academia Europaea (the first geographer to be elected to this position).”

Her distinguished career reflects major achievements in all three of those areas (research, teaching and service) which are recognized as constituting the role and duty of academic scholars. In addition, her special linguistic abilities combined with her intellectual talents place her at the forefront in international geographical activities; a fact attested to, when, on January 27, 2012 she became the first woman and first human scientist to be awarded an honorary doctorate in Grenoble, France.”

In April 2014, Professor Buttimer was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Honors of the Association of American Geographers. She has published 13 books, 14 book chapters (since 2000) and dozens of peer reviewed articles that have been printed in more than ten languages and that she has lectured (including many keynote addresses) on all of the world’s continents.

The award was presented on October 5 during the International Festival of Geography in Saint Dié des Vosges (France).


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UCD Emeritus Professor of Geography awarded Vautrin Lud Prize
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