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‘Intergenerational Transmission of Ethno-National Identity: Comparative Perspectives’

ITENIBA Conference
ASTRA Hall, University College Dublin, January 26-27 2006

This conference is intended to provide a comparative perspective on a question presently being researched at the UCD Geary Institute: the intergenerational transmission of ethno-national identity in the Irish border area. The project focuses on the constitution of ethno-national identity and identity-shifts in the context of macro-level political change. Taking a substantive concept of identity, which goes beyond the thin category of nationality to include cognitive content and constitutive norms, we hope to trace parallels and contrasts between the Irish case and other cases.

The topics presented in the invited papers will range from particular qualitative studies to more general comparisons of the conditions of conflict and consensus, and their effects on public attitudes in different societies. As well as invited international (Catalonia Basque Country, Germany, Israel, UK) and Irish speakers, we plan to have practitioners involved in practical policy making on the Northern Irish settlement process as chairs and discussants.

The conference is organised by ITENIBA, a EU Programme for Peace & Reconciliation (Peace II), and the Institute of British Irish Studies (IBIS) UCD.

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