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Posted: 21 July 2006

UCD Campus Development Plan Public Open Days Feedback

Over 300 local residents, business owners and members of the university community attended the UCD Campus Development Plan Open Days on 21 to 24 June 2006 to learn more about and share their views on the Campus Development Plan.

UCD Campus is evolving

The exhibition outlined the four key projects that drive the overall campus development plan:

  • Academic building projects
  • Student and community life
  • Knowledge economy and innovation park
  • Engagement with the wider community through the Gateway Project

Expert staff were on hand to discuss various elements of the plan with those who had questions or who wished to share their opinions on specific objectives and guidelines. Nearly 150 response surveys were completed during the Open Days and anyone who indicated a desire for further information or discussion will be contacted in the coming weeks by UCD or the professional advisors.

Survey Findings

Analysis of the visitor response surveys has shown that UCD is making good progress towards delivering a successful plan for the campus, one that will benefit students, staff and local residents.

Findings from all surveys are set out below, scored on a range of one to five, with five being the highest level of satisfaction:

Architectural Principles: 3.90
Campus Core: 4.40
Landscaping: 4.49
Campus Life: 4.28
Accessibility: 4.42
Academic, Research & Teaching: 4.32
Belfield Innovation Park: 4.03
Gateway Sector: 3.89
Residential Sector: 4.00
Recreation & Sports: 4.33

Campus Plan

UCD is committed to providing a pedestrian-friendly campus where students, staff, neighbours, friends and visitors will have a pleasant and memorable encounter with a top-quality modern university campus in a flourishing city and county.

This commitment includes a vision for world class architecture, a more than ten-fold increase in the boundary woodland and network of pedestrian walkways, and a transformation of the academic infrastructure to reflect the ambitions of a leading European university.

UCD’s vision of the future does not cloud our commitment to the existing campus or our local neighbours.

UCD recognises the significance of the existing campus buildings, many of which feature award winning architecture. In an effort to retain these buildings and provide a balance to the new planned campus development, a refurbishment scheme for existing buildings in need of renovation is currently being progressed. Likewise, an upgrading of campus facilities, including catering, is now underway. In time, real improvements will become apparent.

All new development will take cognisance of the location for development, special use considerations and the intended users, and will be designed to provide for maximum efficiency and sustainability in design. The development of the campus continues to evolve from the construction of the first buildings in the early 1960s. As it is still in its relative infancy, the campus will serve to implement national plans such as the recently published ‘Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2006 ~ 2013’. It is considered that there is ample room to accommodate the required new building spaces and continue developing the “green campus” feel. Provision for increased access capacity to the university along the N11 is included as an objective in this plan to support the planned development within the Campus Gateway.

As presented during the Open Days, over time, parking will be accommodated in car park structures located near the campus entrances, thereby providing a pedestrian zone in the core of the Campus. It is UCD’s intention that these will be designed and landscaped to minimise visibility. UCD is currently preparing an integrated parking management plan to better serve and manage car parking on campus which will further support and encourage the use of public transit by all campus users.

Audiovisual Presentation of UCD Campus Development Plan

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