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Posted: 16 March 2006

UCD announces its favoured status with Ivy League University’s international postdoctoral recruitment programme

UCD PhD graduates and UCD postdoctoral fellows are set to have a favoured status with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) as it pilots a programme to recruit postdoctoral fellows from leading universities.

The recently initiated pilot programme to recruit international postdoctoral fellows from selected institutions focuses on postdocs in the area of biomedical science and may in time be extended to other areas in the university. The special partnership between UPenn and UCD has been created to simplify and accelerate the recruitment of recent doctoral graduates to UPenn and the possibility of developing partnerships at the graduate student level is also being explored.

A leading research university located in the historic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UPenn currently has 800 postdoctoral fellows, 500 of whom are international. The average training period is 2 – 3 years and each year 150 international fellows are recruited.

Biomedical Postdoctoral fellows are recruited to faculty in departments, centres and institutes across three schools: the School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. The Biomedical Postdoctoral Programmes is a UPenn office dedicated solely to the support and training of postdoctoral fellows.

Commenting on the initiative, UCD’s Dean of Doctoral Studies & Postdoctoral Training, Professor Michael Ryan said “The establishment of this relationship between UPenn and UCD will provide exciting opportunities for our PhD graduates and is part of the process of developing 4th level education in UCD.”

As the only Irish university in the UPenn programme, UCD is in the company of other leading international institutions including, Oxford University, Leiden University and Tokyo University. A major research university, UPenn is rated fourth among over 200 universities in the United States.

To view participating institutions or get further information on the programme, click here.

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