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Posted: 09 May 2006

Teagasc awards 30 postgraduate fellowships to UCD researchers

Teagasc, the leading organisation in the fields of agriculture and food research in Ireland, has awarded 30 postgraduate fellowships to researchers in the UCD College of Life Sciences. The fellowship scheme is called the Walsh Fellowships to commemorate the late Dr Tom Walsh.

Chairman of Teagasc - Tom O'Dwyer
Chairman of Teagasc - Tom O'Dwyer

Teagasc commits €1.8 million per annum to its postgraduate fellowships. Each year there are up to 35 new places available, with a grant of €17,000 per student.

The main objectives of the fellowships are training and professional development of young scientists in research in agriculture, food and related disciplines; liaison between Teagasc's applied research programme and more basic/fundamental investigations in third-level colleges; and establishing 'new science' areas in Teagasc in response to changing priorities.

All aspects of agriculture, horticulture, food, agri-food economics, rural development and rural environment, as well as specific topics are identified for priority funding each year.

The following UCD researchers were awarded Walsh Fellowships 2006:

  • Prof. Seamus Fanning, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Geraldine Duffy, AFRC)
    Enterobacter sakazakii in infant milk formula
  • Prof. Seamus Fanning, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Kieran Jordan, MFRC)
    Detection and surveillance of Enterobacter sakazakii along the infant formula food chain
  • Dr. F. Butler, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Ronan Gormley, AFRC)
    Novel minimal processing of added-value extended shelf-life fruit products - antioxidant retention
  • Prof. S. Fanning, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Declan Bolton, AFRC)
    Control of Campylobacter in poultry in Ireland
  • Dr. Francis Butler, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Ronan Gormley, AFRC)
    Novel minimal processing of added-value extended shelf-life fruit products - technology development
  • Drs. F O'Mara/M Rath/ T Boland, UCD
    (Teagasc: Drs. D Hennessy, J Murphy, Moorepark and Dr. K Richards, Johnstown Castle)
    Impact of extending the grazing season in spring and autumn on production and sward characteristics
  • Dr. D O’Connor and Prof. Frank Convery, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Owen Carton & Dr. Bernard Hyde, Johnstown Castle)
    The cost effectiveness of ammonia emission mitigation measures and their influence on other nitrogen loss pathways
  • Dr. T Curran, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Owen Carton & Dr. Bernard Hyde, Johnstown Castle)
    An evaluation of strategies to control ammonia emissions from the land spreading of cattle slurry and cattle wintering facilities
  • Drs. N. Holden/F. O’Mara, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Karl Richards, Johnstown Castle, D. Hennessy, Dr. J Murphy, Moorepark)
    Nitrate leaching from grazed grassland in milk production systems
  • Drs. F. O’Mara/D. Kenny, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Padraig O’Kiely, Grange)
    Impacts of alternative feedstuffs on intake, performance and greenhouse gas emissions of beef cattle
  • Dr. K McDonnell, UCD
    (Teagasc: Mr. Bernard Rice, Oak Park)
    The use of energy crop sites for effluent disposal
  • Dr. AM Butler, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Fiona Thorne, RERC)
    The economics of bio-energy production at farm level: An Irish case study
  • Dr. John O’Doherty, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Brendan Lynch, Moorepark)
    Assessment of a solid-liquid separation system for pig manure and the influence of pig diet on composition of solid and liquid fractions
  • Dr Jean-Christophe Jacquier, Dr Dolores O’Riordan, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. John Mounsey, Dr. Brendan O'Kennedy, MFRC)
    Healthy dairy low-fat spreads using microgel delivery systems
  • Dr. Colm O’Donnell, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Donal O’Callaghan, MFRC)
    Development of syneresis control technology in cheesemaking for improved product consistency
  • Dr. Myles Rath, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Donagh Berry and Dr. Brendan Horan, Moorepark)
    Investigation of the genetic parameters for dry matter intake, energy balance and grazing behaviour and other traits in Irish dairy cows
  • Dr. Myles Rath, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Brendan Horan and Dr. Donagh Berry, Moorepark)
    The influence of animal genetic potential across a variety of futuristic pasture-based systems of milk production
  • Dr. Myles Rath, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Francis Buckley, Moorepark)
    Evaluation of Jersey, Norwegian Red, Mountbeliarde, Jersey x Hostein-Friesian & Holstein-Friesian under Irish grass-based spring milk production systems with particular emphasis on fertility, health and feed efficiency
  • Dr. Ann-Marie Butler, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Laurence Shalloo/Dr. Bernadette O'Brien, Moorepark)
    The economics of capital investment and labour input at different scales of dairy enterprise
  • Dr. Alex Evans/Dr. Pat Lonergan, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Donagh Berry/Dr. Stephen Butler, Moorepark)
    Relationship between maternal metabolic status during pregnancy and subsequent fertility of offspring in dairy cows
  • Dr. Olaf Schmidt, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Tom Kennedy, Oak Park)
    Soil biodiversity response to land application of biosolids
    College - MSc only
  • Prof. Patrick Guiry, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Padraig O’Kiely, Grange)
    Identifying and quantifying mycotoxins on Irish farm silages
  • Dr. David Kenny, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Mark McGee, Grange)
    The effect of divergent selection for residual feed intake on the maternal productivity of suckler beef production
  • Dr. David Kenny, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. MG Keane, Grange and Dr. D Berry, Moorepark)
    Effects of the new Irish genetic index for beef bulls on production, carcass and meat quality traits of beef cattle
  • Dr. Mark A Crowe, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Bernadette Earley, Grange)
    Reduction of pain associated with castration in cattle
  • Dr. David Kenny, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Donagh Berry, Moorepark and Dr. Mark McGee, Grange)
    Genetics of residual feed intake in beef bulls
  • Dr. Fiona Doohan, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Ewen Mullins, Oak Park)
    Developing an alternative delivery system to facilitate gene transfer into major crop species
  • Dr. Ann Marie Butler/Dr. Michael Wallace/Dr. Duncan Anderson, UCD/Queen’s Uiniversity Belfast
    (Teagasc: Dr. Thia Hennessy/Dr. Shailesh Shrestha/ Dr. Laurence Shaloo, RERC/Moorepark)
    Examining the implications of a liberalisation of milk quota policy: an Irish-Northern Irish case study
  • Dr. Theo de Waal/Prof. G. Mulcahy, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Barbara Good/Dr. J.P. Hanrahan, Athenry)
    Molecular approaches to studying the genetic basis for benzimidazole resistance in ovine gastrointestinal nematodes
  • Dr. Aine Ni Dhubhain, UCD
    (Teagasc: Dr. Niall Farrelly, Athenry)
    The farm forest resource in Ireland and the objectives and harvesting plans of the owners of this resource

    As the semi-state organization which provides integrated research, advisory and training services for the agriculture and food industry in Ireland, Teagasc is a major employer of post-graduate students in Ireland with close to 100 pursuing MSc or PhD programmes at any one time.

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