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18 May 2007 - A History Of Violence: remembrance and reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Venue: Room H204, UCD Humanities Institute

Time: 1.10pm

Speaker: Dr Ian McBride (History, King's College, London); UCD Humanities Institute Seminar Series 2006-2007

A series of eight seminars delivered by UCD and visiting academics on themes relevant to the concepts of identity, memory and meaning in the humanities and social sciences. The series is inter-disciplinary in composition and it aims to generate new debates among students and staff, on research questions and theoretical issues which are best understood and analysed across conventional disciplinary boundaries. It will provide postgraduate students with an overview of academic debates and research issue which are relevant to and/or complement their own research work. The seminars will also serve to provide an introduction to theoretical methodologies in the humanities as applied to specific research questions.

Contact Valerie Norton for more information.

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