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Can Nutrition Solve Low Fertility in
High Yielding Dairy Cows?

The restructuring of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Agri-Food and the Environment to form the UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine has placed University College Dublin in a unique position to address the multidimensional and interrelated issues of dairy cow nutrition, fertility and health.

For the first time, UCD, in conjunction with Alltech, a multinational biotechnology company providing natural solutions to the feed and food industries, will host a symposium devoted exclusively to improving fertility in high producing dairy cows.

The dairy industry is the most important component of Ireland’s Agri-Food industry and it is currently changing at an alarming pace. Many producers have increased the genetic merit for milk production in their herds with the consequence that they have experienced difficulty in maintaining dairy herd fertility levels.

Dairy producers across the world are now at a crossroads, being presented with a myriad of possible routes to improving fertility from veterinarians, reproductive specialists, geneticists and nutritionists. However, what has been lacking in many approaches to solving this problem is a multidisciplinary dimension which UCD’s School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine can now offer.

A panel of experts has identified the global leaders in the area of dairy cow nutrition, genetics, health and fertility who are presenting at this symposium.

The multidisciplinary approach highlighted will integrate many of the disciplines practiced by veterinarians and animal scientists, providing a unique opportunity for UCD to become a forerunner in the area of dairy herd health.

Dairy Solutions Symposium

27th & 28th October 2005, UCD

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