Impact Seminar Series

Seminar Date: Tuesday 28th February 2017

Universities have always had an impact on the world around them, through their teaching, their research and their very presence within a community. The modern ‘impact agenda’ is simply a reflection of a current need – across all developed countries - to show the many ways in which universities make a difference, particularly through their research, to justify public or charitable funding.

Drawing on extensive personal experience, since the 1990s, of working on ways to demonstrate ‘university impact’, Ursula Kelly will discuss the background to, and development of, today’s ‘drive for impact’. She will also highlight the opportunity for Irish universities to lead and reshape the research impact agenda for the future.

Ursula Kelly is founding Director of Viewforth Consulting Ltd, a specialist consultancy focused on higher education economic impact and policy, established in 2011.  She has over 30 years’ experience working in and with higher education institutions in the UK and internationally.

She has led many high-profile research and consultancy projects relating to aspects of higher education policy, higher education in the economy, and information resources management and governance. Project clients have included higher education sectoral organisations such as Universities UK as well as numerous individual universities and colleges, including studies in Ireland of University College Dublin and Dublin City University.

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