Core Competencies

Fabrication of Adhesive Joints

  • Composite laminates (prepreg & resin infusion)
  • Composite joints (co-cured, co-bonded, secondary bonded, etc.)


  • Thermo-mechanical properties
  • Fracture/damage properties
  • Durability/fatigue
  • Rate
  • Temperature
  • Mode-mixity
  • Constraint
  • Microscopy/spectroscopy

Multi-scale Modelling

  • Continuum (FEA, FV, CFD, FSI), micromechanical (RVE) and discrete (DEM)
  • Development of predictive models on different length/time scales
  • Coupling of microscopy and modelling towards structure-property relationship
  • Materials by design (tailored properties, toughening, stiffening, etc.)

Machining with Super Hard Materials (PCBN and PCD)

  • Drilling
  • Interrupted cutting
  • Fracture
  • Structure-property relationships