23rd August 2016: UCD Agile and Work Smarter Together Website updates

Check out our updated UCD Agile website, new items include Agile's Thinking & Agile's Doing.

Work Smarter Together webage has been also relaunched with news of the upcoming WST '17 on 15 March 2017...pencil in the date.  We have also started to add and will continue to grow excellent stories of UCD innovation and creativity. Click here for more.


2nd May 2016: UCD Agile move to new sace in the Ardmore Annex

The Agile team, running since February, has recently moved into a new space in the Ardmore Annex. This Agile space has work smarter spaces, complete with writable walls, which you and your team are welcome to use for your Strategic Initiative 6 efforts.Click here for more.


March 2017: UCD Agile present at Work Smarter Together 2017

Work Smarter Together 2017 on March 14 proved to be a successful event that we will all remember. Click here for more.


April 2017: UCD Agile present our first four Green Belt graduates

UCD Registrar and Deputy President, Prof. Mark Rogers dropped by the Agile offices to present the graduates with their awardsClick here for more.


July 2017: The Fundametals of Lean for UCD

UCD Agile have developed the Fundamentals of Lean for UCD programme to deliver staff with White Belt level training specific to the UCD context. The first programme was delivered on the 18 July 2017 as part of the WST Summer School. Click here for more.