Graduate Research Programmes at UCD Chemistry

We welcome applications from suitably qualified graduates with a minimum of 2:1H award of BSc (Hons) degrees in Chemistry, or equivalent. You can review our Graduate Research Programmes for general information on postgraduate study at UCD Chemistry or refer to our FAQ section below with lots of useful links. The UCD Graduate Studies website and the FAQ section of the College of Science Graduate School website also provides lots of useful information on postgraduate studies in UCD, along with a link to the online Graduate Research Handbook.

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Completion of a PhD typically takes about 4 years full-time to complete and a Masters by Research takes 15 months full-time, after a bachelors degree. There are three start dates in the academic year when you can begin your postgraduate studies; September, January or May.  In many cases, we offer funded studentships (tax-free scholarship and payment of University fees). Graduate Applications are made directly through a member of our academic staff working in the area of research that most closely matches your field of study. You should email them directly, specifying your research interests, qualifications and experience and enquire about funding opportunities

Please see UCD Graduate Studies for further details on how to apply. 

On-line Scholarship set up details can be found at Research Finance Scholarship Set-Ups.

  • You must read our Laboratory Operations Manual and the Standard Operating Procedures document via the Safety Declaration Form
  • You must complete the Safety Declaration Form and submit it to the School office before you can begin working in the lab
  • These documents can also be found in our Health and Safety section.
  • The UCD Graduate Registration Guides provide details on registration
  • You need to logon to your SIS Web account each and every year to register, once your fees have been processed
  • When you register each year, this will be known as "start date" for fee purposes (also see Thesis Submission Dates - Fees, below)

In MSc by Research programmes, students are not required to complete any taught modules and associated credits in order to complete their degree. However, if an MSc by Research student is considering subsequent transfer to a PhD programme via Transfer Assessment, the student must take certain modules (12.5 taught credits including the mandatory PhD Stage 1 modules) with the approval of their Supervisor and Master Studies Panel. 

In PhD programmes, there are two stages. During Stage 1, students must undertake and complete 7.5  taught credits in transferable skills. To be eligible for progression from Stage 1 to Stage 2, students must complete a minimum of 12.5 taught credits. To be eligible for PhD thesis submission, students must successfully complete a minimum of 30 taught credits.

Step 1: View the full listing of Postgraduate Modules 2018-19‌ available.

Step 2: Download submit a completed ‌Module Registration Form 2018-19 signed by your Supervisor to register to available modules in your programme and submit to the School Office.

  • Thesis Submission Date is the last working day in the term for which you are registered.
  • If you have been granted an extension and you are unsure of the date of submission, please contact the School Office.

Assessment (Information for Staff)

  • Grade Processing and Assessment Supports
  • Logistics Supports

Graduate Studies Office for information on the following:

  • Student Support
  • Student Life
  • Transferable Skills
  • Accommodation

There are also many Graduate Research Student Supports available.