Transferring to Single Honours Programme

At the end of stage 1, Arts students (who entered via DN500) can apply to transfer to the Single Honours programme provided they meet the following requirements

-          fulfil progression requirements for stage 2 (pass at least 50 ECTS credits in first year)

-          average grade of B in four modules ECON10770, ECON10010, ECON10020, ECON10030 and

-          a grade of at least C- in ECON10030

Please note that only the 40 best applicants that satisfy these requirements will be accepted onto the programme.  If more than 40 students applying meet the above requirements, then students will be selected on the basis of their GPA, calculated over the above four Economic modules only (ECON10770, ECON10010, ECON10020 and ECON10030).

Students should apply by sending an email to UCD School of Economics ( ) between May 1st and June 30th 2018 including the following details:

  • Your Full Name
  • Student Number
  • Frequently Checked Email Address (Does not have to be UCDCONNECT)
  • Mobile Phone Number

We will not be able to accept any late applications. 

Please bear in mind that this application process is for BA students only.

If you have taken our core modules and wish to transfer into BA Economics Single Major from another degree you will have to fill out a formal application.

This transfer option will not be available in the coming academic year 2018/19.