We understand that most students will be studying in at least two Schools, who may have very different and sometimes contradictory expectations in relation to essay submission and essay styles.   It is important, then, that you familiarise yourself with the School of History's house style.  Information on how to compile your footnotes and your bibliography can be found by consulting the following the History Referencing Style Guide

You will usually be asked to submit two copies of your essay - hard paper copy and an electronic copy. For the paper copy you must download the History Essay Cover Sheet and attach it to your essay when it is submitted. Fill in all the required information, including the name of your tutor or module coordinator (as appropriate).  If you are unsure check the list of academic staff and of non-staff tutors. This makes the grading process faster and avoids essays getting misplaced. The electronic copy should be submitted via Blackboard. If you run into any problems with online submission, contact IT Services. 

It is important that you familiarize yourselves with the procedures of submission of coursework, and the penalties which are imposed for late submission.  The School follows UCD policies in this regard.


Library Support for Student Learning

There is a great deal of very helpful information on the UCD Library site that you should familiarise yourself, including guides to citation, information skills and the specialist electronic databases which are very useful for study and research. The UCD library has put together a range of videos that offer brief tutorials on accessing both electronic and hard copy versions of academic books and journals which you can access here.



Plagiarism is the unacknowledged copying of material or ideas from someone or somewhere else. On your tutorial registration card you will be required to sign your name under the following declaration: 'I undertake that the writing-up of all assignments will be my own unaided work and that where I quote or refer to the opinions of writings of others, these will be fully and clearly acknowledged'; a similar declaration must be made on each history essay cover sheet that you attach to your assignments. Essays that show evidence of plagiarism will not be accepted and will be returned unmarked.