How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Your research project has goals that you want to deliver.

These goals could range from high-level fundamentals such as better understanding important natural phenomenon, for instance underlying photosynthesis, cancer induction, group behaviours or climate change, to those related to more tangible outputs, such as developing cost-effective encapsulation for active-food ingredients or improved ways to process plastic electronic components or ensuring effective and error-free data transmission.

Depending on your field of expertise and the type of research you carry out, the commercial potential of your research output may take different forms (products, platform technologies, service provision, licensing to existing companies, the establishment of a start-up company) and may have very short to very long windows of opportunity.  In all cases successful commercialisation revolves around meeting an unmet need. The larger, more urgent and more intractable the unmet need is then it generally follows that there will be larger commercial potential.

Understanding and communicating the position of your research in its broad context and potential impact is the key first step on the commercialisation journey.

This typically draws upon your experience and excellence in your academic environment and also draws upon what is happening in the commercial world.

Joining the dots across these spaces is crucial and leveraging the support of the Knowledge Transfer team is an important first step.

Commercialising your research has many potential rewards: translation of research into products, creation of start-up companies, supporting the local economy and creating jobs.  The Knowledge Transfer team assist researchers in preparing research contracts, identifying an intellectual property, developing strategies for protection of intellectual property, preparing patent filings, developing commercialisation strategies to exploit UCD IP and drafting and negotiating licence agreements.

In addition, researchers who wish to launch start-ups emerging from UCD intellectual property the Knowledge Transfer team and NovaUCD's New Ventures team can facilitate, advise and support researchers on the journey from ideation to launch of start-up and beyond including sourcing investment and business supports.

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