University College Dublin's Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures was developed in accordance with international best practice.

University College Dublin, Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures (2006) 

This Policy takes account of the changes in legislation, including the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 and is consistent with Funding Agency Requirements and Guidelines for Managing Research-Generated Intellectual Property and the National Codes of Practice.

The Policy also provides for a significant level of commercial income to be distributed to researchers and other creators of Intellectual Property (IP). The distribution of commercial income is through the UCD payroll system and is paid regardless of your current employment status with UCD.

The following scale, outlined in the table below, will apply in the sharing of net income available for distribution to the creators of IP. 

Net IncomeCreators of IPCollegeUniversity
Up to €100,000  75%  15%  10%

€100,000 - €200,000 

50%  30%  20%
€200,000 - €1,000,000 40%  30%  30%
Over €1,000,000 30%  30%  40%

For further information or enquiries please contact a member of the Technology Transfer team.