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Irish Pregnancy App Shortlisted for Prestigious International Web Award

Innovative Irish web application, Life in the Womb has been shortlisted in the 18th international Webby awards having been chosen from 10,000 worldwide applications.  Developed by The Science Picture Company with the assistance of staff at the National Maternity Hospital, it is the only Irish app to be nominated for these prestigious awards.  We encourage you to vote for the app in the Peoples’ Voice award before the closing date of Friday 25th April 2014.

First point of care blood test for heart disease in Malawi

Researchers from University College Dublin and Imperial College London have carried out a blood test for detecting early signs of heart disease for the first time in Malawi, Africa as part of a new research project for the management of type 2 diabetes.

Genetic insights to vesicoureteric reflux

Researchers at the National Centre for Medical Genetics have conducted a genome scan of 225 Irish families to locate causative mutations in vesicoureteric reflux. Their work indicates that the condition is even more genetically heterogeneous than previously thought while also highlighting various genes already implicated in urinary tract development.