Twitter Policy

Who we are

@UCDMedicine has been active on Twitter since May 2009. The account is managed by:

Paul Harkin (PH)
Director of Strategic Development

UCD School of Medicine
T: + 353 1 716 6607

From time-to-time, we invite twitter-active members of staff and students to join us on our twitter account. If you'd like to guest tweet with us, please contact us on

Our tweets

If you follow us on twitter, you can expect a mix of the following:

  • News from our community of students, clinicians and scientists
  • Updates, deadlines and announcements about our courses
  • Event notices and public outreach initiatives
  • Items on modern medicine and healthcare issues
  • Support of patient and patient-advocate organisations
  • Support to national and international health initiatives
  • News from our UCD colleagues in other Schools, Colleges & Research Institutes

While we do use twitter to broadcast information on the above topics, we also make an effort to engage; we will respond to all reasonable questions and queries and we're more than happy to chat with our followers about the School's activities or our perspective on a particular topicd. Similarly, and in the spirt of the medium, we will proactively engage with students, staff members, journalists, and members of the public.

You'll appreciate that in a School as large as ours, there may be a diversity of perspectives on a particular issue. Also, we are mindful that our statements may appear to carry an authority greater than a single twitterer. Hence it will come as no surprise that any tweets may not necessarily reflect the collective views of the UCD School of Medicine. 

We make an effort to personalise our tweets (so you know who you're talking to) and, if you do contact us via twitter, we'll do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours (within normal working week).

Certain queries are best dealt with via email or over the phone, and we reserve the right to direct you to a more relevant contact. Tweets represent our best understanding of an issue at a given time, and do not represent official university policy in any way. Re-tweets do not imply an endorsement.

We do NOT offer any medical advice.  We encourage you to seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner. We cannot assist you in accessing healthcare services.

Should you have any questions about our twitter policy please feel free to contact us at any stage.

List of UCD Medicine Related Tweets

We've created a public list of Twitter accounts by staff, students and alumni of the UCD School of Medicine.  Please feel free to subscribe and if you'd like to be added to the list, please DM us and tell us your connection to the School.  We reserve the right to not include any account which we feel may detract from the value of the list.

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