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Welcome to UCD Maths Support Centre online booking. You can book your online maths support session below. The online timetable mirrors the tutor timetable we had during regular opening hours which is available here.

When you have completed your booking you will be sent a link to your online maths support session hosted within Brightspace's Virtual Classroom.

Group Bookings

If you want to make a group booking (maximum of 4 students per group booking) then just enter one email address and in the query section enter how many students this booking is for (as well as all the queries).
Note: it is the Booker's responsibility to supply the other students in the group booking with the link.
You should read these notes before making a booking.


  1. The booking must relate to a Level 0, 1 or 2 Module.
  2. Booking for each session opens 48 hours in advance.
  3. You may only book one session per day.
  4. If you cannot attend your session, click on ‘reschedule’ or ‘cancel’ in your confirmation email. If you don’t attend without cancelling, you won’t be able to book again. Note that you can only camcel or resechedule up to one hour before your session. This is to give time for another student to book it.
  5. You will need to describe your query in the booking form – this is to help the tutor best help you.
  6. You should provide only your UCD Connect email address. It is extremely important that you give the correct email address when you book, since this is the email address we will be using to send you the link to the session. Many students forget the connect part or spell connect with only one "n" or some other typo, so please take care to get your email address correct.
  7. You will receive an email confirming your booking slot. If you don’t get this email, please contact us at
  8. You should download a free scanning app such as CamScanner or similar on your smart phone (if you have one) so you and your tutor can share notes/feedback etc.
  9. Please have a pdf with your question ready to share/upload before your session has started, and share/upload your queries as a SINGLE pdf document.
  10. Any questions on the above may be emailed to