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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete my course?

Each course descriptor specifies a minimum and maximum duration within which you must complete your course. UCD Online promotes Module to Masters as a flexible approach for you to fit your studies into your own unique lifestyle. While each module typically runs over a 12 week period, how long youtake to complete a course depends on the pace at which you decide take your modules.



If you are working full time you may choose to complete the Professional Diploma in Architecture in up to 5 years, while full time students may complete this course in 1 year.

How flexible are the course schedules?

Depending on the subject matter being taught, UCD Online offerings aim to be as flexible as possible in order to suit your needs. Many courses are comprised of modules that are delivered on demand, typically over 12 weeks, meaning that you are not required to be online (or on campus) at any specific time or date.

How and where will I be assessed?

The methods of assessment are specific to each module and details can be found on the course and module descriptor pages here. Each module is assessed independently. Typically, to complete each module, a student will be required to complete ongoing coursework and sit a 2 hour exam. UCD exams are typically held in Dublin in May and December.

Will I need to attend campus?

Courses delivered through UCD Online aim to provide you with a quality education using a flexible approach. In most cases this means there will be minimal attendance requirements. Some modules have a 2 hour exam that you must take in a UCD exam centre. These exams take place during scheduled exam periods in May and December. Some courses opt to assess students using alternative methods meaning that the student is not required to attend campus at all. Please see the relevant course page(s) for more detailed information here.

How much time will I need to commit to online learning?

Strong commitment is required for online learning. The expected time commitment varies depending on the qualification being earned, the number of modules it requires and the number of credits each individual module is worth. A typical 5 credit module requires 100-120 hours of student effort in total, usually over a 12 week period.

Will I need to take time off work?

UCD Online aims to provide you with a flexible education that you can fit around your current personal and work commitments. Other than end of module exams, which you may be required to sit in Dublin, most courses are structured in a way that enables you to study while continuing to work. For full details of the expected commitment for each course/module please see the relevant course and module descriptor pages.

Employers often recognise the benefits of further learning. Please enquire in your workplace to find out if you are eligible for study leave or financial assistance.

How are UCD Online courses taught?

UCD Online courses are delivered through an e-learning environment. UCD academics and personal tutors make module content available to students enabling them to download/view content from wherever they may be. Most modules are delivered on demand, meaning that you may studyat times that suit you. Many modules use continuous methods of assessments providing flexibility and ongoing feedback, which help to reassure and motivate you while studying independently. Typically, you will have a lecture following which you may ask questions using an online forum. Lecture material may be presented in a variety of formats including audio/visual lectures, interactive learning materials, podcasts, etc. We also encourage and facilitate students to form study groups.

What support is in place for students?

Lectures and course materials are designed and delivered by a UCD academic who is an expert in the subject matter. Learning supports are provided by personal tutors who will assist you with matters relating to the e-learning environment. They will answer module related questions, provide feedback and facilitate group discussions through the use of forums within the e-learning environment. For more information about your academic supports please see the UCD Online supports webpage.

Will I be a registered UCD student?

Yes. All UCD Online students are fully registered students of University College Dublin and will receive a UCD student card.

What UCD facilities can I access while not on campus?

UCD Connect is your online campus. There you have access to all important online IT services and information such as Blackboard, Library Electronic Resources, Connect Files, SIS Web, email, calendars, and more.

Can I use UCD campus facilities?

Yes, as a fully registered UCD student you are welcome to come to campus and use our facilities.

Can I study from abroad?

UCD Online courses are delivered through e-learning platforms meaning that you can participate from anywhere in the world providing you have a computer with Internet access. Many modules will require you to travel to the UCD campus for an end of module exam which will be scheduled during a predefined exam period meaning one visit from abroad can accommodate multiple exam sittings.

When attending University College Dublin, where can I stay?

There are many accommodation options near UCD and in Dublin City Centre, which has direct public transport routes into UCD. More information for visitors to UCD can be found through the UCD website here.