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Student Fellows

Dan Hayden

Research Title: The use of Branding by Public and Private Regulatory Regimes
Supervisor: Colin Scott
Staff Profile: www.ucd.ie/law/research/researchstudents/danhayden/

James Lawless

Research Title: European standards in the international trade in beef – Legitimate Objectives or Protectionist Smoke Screen?
Supervisor: Joseph McMahon

Kamil Piszczek

Research Title: Linking the EU Emission Trading Scheme to Kyoto's flexible mechanisms and to other emission trading schemes - a legal analysis.
Supervisor: Suzanne Kingston

Yichen Yang

Research Title: ‘The Definition of Intellectual Property Misuse in Chinese Antitrust Law from a Comparative Perspective’.
Supervisor: Imelda Maher

Aidan Regan

Research Title: "Social partnership and Social Discourse"
Supervisor: Dr Niamh Hardiman

Ursula Atueyi

Research Title: The impact of legal development issues from contemporary international measures in matters of technology transfer: Africa in Perspective
Supervisor: Joseph McMahon