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Your college liaison is your point of contact in administrative services. we offer a broad range of services and supports for staff in areas including Curriculum ManagementModule Access Management, Programme Approval and registration. If we can’t help you we will be able to point you in the right direction. 

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1. Assessment Strategy Edits for 2019/20

Assessment strategies of all modules with an assessment at the end of the Spring trimester 2019/20 can be edited from Monday, 9 March to Tuesday, 31 March. Autumn 2019/20 modules that offer an end-of-trimester examination as a resit opportunity may also be amended at this time. These changes will sit outside of the exemptions process that would ordinarily apply.

Please note: edits to 2020/21 module assessment details will remain closed for the duration of this extraordinary measure. 2020/21 assessment details may be edited again from Wednesday, 1 April.

2. CMS Edits 2020/21

Edits to modules, majors and programmes for the Academic Year 2020/21 are now open. Module coordinator changes for 2019/20 can still be made via Update Module Details (accessed via the Module List Management menu). There will be further opportunities to make changes to modules on offer in Summer 2020, please see Curriculum Management Timelines 2019/20 for further details. If a module commencing in Autumn or Spring 2019/20 requires amendment, it must be requested and approved an exception based on exceptional circumstances. Please contact your college liaison with any queries.

Curriculum Management Timelines 2020/21 are available now.

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