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Module Enhancement
Student Engagement Survey
Project: Student Engagement Survey
Project Team: Maura McGinn, Bairbre Redmond, Aine Galvin
Collaborator(s): Elizabeth Noonan, Patricia Kieran





Institutional self-knowledge is the starting point for effective quality assurance’ (ENQA, 2005 p.19). It is essential that UCD has the means to collect and analyse information about its key activities including students’ satisfaction with their programmes and with their overall UCD experience.  2009-10 has seen considerable advances in the collection of standardized student feedback data with a pilot study in leading to the successful introduction of the first full standardized module feedback system in November 2010, encompassing over 1,400 modules. The introduction of a university-wide Student Engagement Survey is the next step.

  • To address the focus of the UCD Education Strategy which prioritises the development of creative and innovative graduates, by evaluating levels of student engagement;
  • On the basis of longitudinal data to develop a better capacity to understand the institutional policies and educational practices required to facilitate engagement and better learning;
  • To re-balance and better understand the contributions and engagements of both students and staff in achieving a high quality learning experience, thus contributing to an enhancement led rather than assurance led approach to educational quality;
  • To explore and evaluate patterns of student engagement university-wide
  • To develop a richer understanding of student learning by linking outcomes with student record information
  • For professional programmes: to integrate student engagement data and associated enhancement initiatives into accreditation submissions;
  • To bench-mark institutional level data across key aspects of UCD student engagement against published NSSE benchmark data

The National Survey of Student Engagement will be delivered online through SiSWeb in the second half of the 2010-11 academic year.  A random sample of first and final year students will be targeted as part of the pilot.  Information about the undergraduate experience, including an estimate of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college will be collected.  For more information, read the UCD Student Engagement Questions 

It is intended to use the results of the survey to identify aspects of the undergraduate experience inside and outside the classroom which can be improved.
Next Steps:
A set of recommendations including possible changes in policies and practices will be made on the basis of information collected.