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Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLC) Series

This initiative hosted by UCD Teaching & Learning aims to promote meaningful conversations on key topics in teaching and learning across the university community. The series is designed to facilitate opportunities where colleagues and students come together to understand and explore their various perspectives and experiences of teaching and learning. It will provide in-person and online opportunities to connect with others through conversation to find common solutions to shared problems.

Each academic year, the T&L team will select a theme for exploration via the TLC Series. The theme will be informed by queries from those who teach and support learning across UCD while more broadly responding to changes happening within the higher education landscape. The TLC Series will be mediated via the UCD Teaching and Learning Community in Google Chat; if you are not yet a member of the community we encourage you to join to learn more and get involved in the conversations.

Call for collaborative residencies 2024/25 - apply now

UCD faculty and staff can apply to become members of small collaboratives for the 2024/25 academic year as a part of our Teaching and Learning Conversations initiative. Submit your expression of interest by 1 July.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

In the academic year 2023/24 the theme of the Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs) was Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education, where we provided multiple spaces for the University community to engage in developmental conversations around AI. In our early AI conversations with faculty and staff, we have noted a desire for basic AI literacy, knowledge sharing and conversations around the pedagogical and ethical application and uses of AI in UCD. Daily reminders of how AI is changing our classrooms, and our world, make their way to news stories, journal articles and elsewhere. The TLCs provide a collegial and open space to discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in our educational contexts.

Our resource on Generative AI in Learning and Assessment may also be of interest as you engage in discussions around generative AI.

Get Involved

1. Online Teaching and Learning Community Conversations

These conversations are mediated by the online UCD Teaching and Learning Community in Google Chat and all interactions leave a “footprint” in the community space.  A series of fortnightly posts related to AI respond to emerging conversations at UCD or in wider T&L networks. Additionally, we encourage community members to generate posts and discussions as well. 

2. In-person AI Conversations

These in-person events, open to faculty, staff and students, provide an active-learning environment with interactive tables and small group discussions giving everyone an opportunity to connect and discuss in an informal and open group setting. Upcoming events will be announced here and on the UCD Teaching and Learning Community.

3. Students as Partners in Teaching and Learning

We welcome student perspectives, and we are involving students in the AI in Education conversations through our new Students as Partners in Teaching and Learning initiative. 

4. Podcast: Teaching and Learning Conversations

Listen to our podcast series in which UCD students share their ideas and opinions on issues that impact teaching and learning in the University.

Learn More

For more information on the Teaching and Learning Conversations Series, please contact:

  • Leigh Wolf, Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Educational Development, UCD Teaching & Learning: leigh.wolf@ucd.ie
  • Leone Gately, Educational Technology Coordinator, UCD Teaching & Learning: leone.gately@ucd.ie