Assessment & Feedback

Overview of Assessment and Feedback

These pages are a resource for you in designing, developing and reviewing your assessment and feedback approaches.

  • Why do we assess students?
    This page, a good place to start, sets out some of the purposes, initial terminology and underlying principles of assessment and feedback. It addresses the question: Why do we assess students?  The following pages are then divided into: 
  • How do I assess?  
    Topics include: how to explore your students’ assessment journey; align your assessment; use diverse approaches; empower students in the assessment process; be careful not to overload students or yourself.
  • How do I grade students? 
    Topics include:  grading matters; what approach should you use?; improve your grading; develop the assessment standards in your module. 
  • How do I give feedback to students? 
    Topics include:  What is meant by the term feedback?: UCD feedback strategies; How do you give feedback to students? Ideas to support incremental development of feedback. 
  • How do I support my students’ academic integrity? 
    Topics include:  academic integrity; plagiarism: education, prevention
    and detection.