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Technology Enhanced Learning Support

TEL consultations are offered within the context of the UCD Education Strategy 2015-2020 which commits to work with programme teams to incorporate blended learning experiences through thoughtful integration of face to face and online learning to enhance the student learning experience.

What are TEL Consultations? 

TEL Consultations are offered to assist faculty consider both pedagogical and practical aspects associated with expanding the use of technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment practices. Consultations will provide opportunities for programme teams and disciplinary groups to discuss with an educational technologist their teaching and assessment needs and dilemmas and seek advice and support to identify appropriate TEL solutions. Themes that can be covered during the consultations include:

(i) Programme Design/Module Enhancement to include effective use of technology

  • Programme/module design within the VLE
  • Teaching approaches and techniques for delivering blended and online learning.

(ii) Technology Enhanced Assessment and Feedback;

  • Technology Enhanced Feedback
  • Use of grading and feedback rubrics
  • Use of formative quizzes (supported by VLE)
  • Online assessment submission (supported by VLE)
  • Use of e-Portfolios
How to book a TEL Consultation 

Those in College/School/Programme Teaching and Learning leadership roles are encouraged to book on behalf of programme teams and disciplinary groups. Before booking it is important to note the following;

  • TEL consultations must be booked in advance by completing the below form (the form will only display when you are logged into UCD Connect  This form will not display if cookies are rejected.) 
  • Initial consultation sessions will be offered locally to programme teams/disciplinary groups with follow-on support to be determined and agreed on a case by case basis.
  • Consultations are available to Colleges/Schools who currently do not have access to local educational technology support.
  • At this time individual module coordinator consultations are subject to very limited availability as programme/group consultations will be given first priority. 


The UCD Educational Technology Advisory Network (ETAN) is a cross-institutional network of educational technologists. 

The network has a dual function as follows; 

(i) acting in an advisory capacity on institutional matters relating to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

(ii) acting as a forum for practice and knowledge sharing amongst its members

Eight network meetings are convened during the academic year and membership is as follows: 

  • Chair, Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Office of the Registrar) 
  • Educational Technology Coordinator (UCD Teaching & Learning)  
  • Head of Educational Technology Services (IT Services)  
  • Educational Technologists (UCD Schools & Units) 
  • e-Learning Technologists/Managers (UCD Schools & Units) 
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Managers (UCD Schools & Units) 

For further information in relation to the network please contact the Educational Technology Coordinator within UCD Teaching & Learning. 

The UCD TEL All series is an institutional initiative which serves to bring together faculty and staff from across the UCD community to share Technology Enhanced Learning practice and expertise comprising of the TEL All talks/conversations and the TEL All workshops/webinar series which take place annually. 

The TEL All talks/conversations are practice exchange TEL talks led by faculty and educational technologists. The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for faculty and teaching/professional staff across UCD to share their experiences of integrating educational technologies in teaching, learning and assessment in their own discipline.  

The TEL All workshops/webinars are a range of workshops for faculty and teaching staff focusing on the various core institutional educational technologies including the VLE. These hands-on workshops and demonstrations are an excellent opportunity to learn about the various educational technologies available in UCD from both a pedagogical and technical perspective. 

The series is jointly delivered by UCD Teaching and Learning and the Educational Technology Team in IT Services in conjunction with representatives from the Vice Principals of Teaching and Learning (VPTLs) and the Educational Technology Advisory Network (ETAN).  Through the joint coordination of the TEL All series we aim to support the development, evaluation and dissemination of TEL design and good practice across the UCD community and beyond. For further information or to review upcoming/past events see the UCD TEL All series website.