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Michael Kitching

Task 2 Postdoc

Dr. Kitching is currently developing an electrochemical DNA based sensor to determine the overall genotoxicity of pesticide contaminated soil.

Mathavan profile picture

Mathavan Vickneswaran

Task 2 PhD student

Mathavan is developing a suit of analytical tools to characterize soil bound pesticide residues and determine their impact on pollinator species as part of Task 2.

Supervisor: Blánaid White , co-supervisor: Jim Carolan

Twitter: @Mathavan_DCU

Elena Zioga profile picture

Elena Zioga

Task 2 PhD student

Elena is evaluating the potential for pesticide contamination of floral resources as a result of translocation from soil as part of Task 2.

Supervisor: Jane Stout, co-supervisor: Blánaid White

Twitter: @ZioElena

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Linzi Thompson profile picture

Linzi Jay Thompson

Task 3 PhD student

Linzi is researching the impact of fungicides and herbicides on bumblebee behavior and colony persistence as part of Task 3.

Supervisor: Dara Stanley, co-supervisor: Jane Stout

Twitter: @BombusThompson

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Merissa profile picture

Merissa Cullen

Task 3 PhD student

Merissa is researching the effects of fungicides and herbicides on bee health as part of Task 3.

Supervisor: Jim Carolan, co-supervisor: Dara Stanley

Twitter: @Meriscu

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Alina profile picture

Alina Premrov

Task 4 Postdoc

Alina is a postdoctoral researcher involved in developing soil risk assessment scenarios and recommendations for a soil monitoring programme as part of Task 4.

Twitter: @APremrov

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Ed Straw at woodland

Ed Straw

Task 1 Postdoc

Ed is postdoctoral researcher studying what options are available to farmers to reduce the impacts of pesticides on pollinators. He is also looking to understand what attitudes and behaviours prevent the adoption of alternative crop protection measures to pesticides.

Twitter: @EdStrawBio

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