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AUGER - Peatland properties influencing greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals

Communication hub from the AUGER project

The Synthesis report has now been published here. 


 The full final report will soon be available here. 


Other publications linked to the project: 

Premrov, A. David Wilson, Matthew Saunders, Jagadeesh Yeluripati, Florence Renou-Wilson. 2021. CO2 fluxes from drained and rewetted peatlands using a new ECOSSE
model water table simulation approach. Science of the Total Environment 754 (2021) 142433.


AUGER presentations at EGU 2021 and IPS 2021:



AUGER Presentations at EGU 2020: click on the PDFs:

Kilian Walz EGU 2020

Alina Premrov EGU 2020


AUGER Poster at EGU 2019: click here for PDF Kilian Walz EGU Poster



AUGER outreach publications

--> ~AUGER team appeared on "10 things to know about..." aired on 15th April 2019 on RTE (twitter account : @10things_ToKnow) click here 


 Dr Flo Renou-Wilson and Kilian Walz (PhD student) with Jonathan McCrea from the 10 things to know about team. 


--> Biodiveristy Week 2018

At Cloghjordan where Kilian Walz talked about the AUGER project




--> Peatlands restoration in Ireland and globally: Climate change - Society of Ecological Restoration SER NEWS June 2017

SER News


-->Peatland International Issues 1.2017 Click link below



-->EPA Newsletter APRIL 2017


AUGER Posters and Presentations: 

--> IPS Symposium, Aberdeen, May 2017 
Kilian Walz and Dr David Wilson presented a poster and an oral presentation respectively. 
--> FAO, Global Symposium on SOC, ROME MArch 2017
Dr Florence Renou-Wilson, Dr Ken Byrne and Kilian Walz attended this first Global Symposium on SOC.