It is our clearly-stated ambition to become a top 50 business school globally. We cannot achieve this ambition or our vision to have a profound impact on the way the world does business without the time and expertise of our alumni community.

We are grateful for all those alumni who volunteer their time and expertise to sustain and develop the success of the UCD College of Business. Should you wish to help us achieve our ambition, here are details of how you can get involved:

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the areas outlined below, please get in touch by emailing

We host several events throughout the year and across the globe, including career talks, professional development and networking/social events. If you feel that your experience can benefit others and are happy to talk at one of these events, please get in touch. This is a great opportunity to gain public speaking experience and raise the profile of your company. Showing what you achieved in your career can inspire students, giving them the confidence and ambition to succeed.


By being a mentor for UCD College of Business you can support a student’s investigation of their academic and professional career opportunities, making a difference to their future and developing a relationship that has the potential to inspire, challenge and surprise.
The precise nature of the mentoring relationship varies according to the goals and interests of the individuals involved and the time each has available. Learn more about our mentoring opportunities.

Reunions are integral to maintaining an active and connected alumni community and each year the school helps many classes celebrate milestone anniversaries. We rely on the time and enthusiasm of reunion class volunteers to help make sure that these events are relevant and enjoyable for each class.

If you are interested in helping with your next reunion, enabling your class to maintain the valuable personal relationships you all built during your time at UCD then please get in touch.

We have over 40 international Global Chapters located all over the world. These chapters are all run by alumni for alumni and host a variety of events throughout the year. See our Global Chapters listing to find one near you.

Alumni who interview for programmes, such as the MBA and CEMS programmes, are of fundamental importance and the participation of alumni in the interviewing process proves to be a highly influential factor for candidates who accept offers to join the programme.

In some cases, alumni interviewers are the first face-to-face contact prospective candidates have with the school, and therefore play a very significant role. The time commitment for helping with this process is approximately 1.5 hours per interview and around 30 minutes for writing up the interview report. We offer comprehensive guidance and support for all our alumni interviewers. For further details please contact us at

The school regularly hosts events for prospective students all around the globe and we are always in need of alumni to meet and greet our prospective applicants.

Prospective students come to these sessions for the opportunity to learn about the true UCD College of Business experience, which is why students and alumni are key to the success of these events. Get in touch if you have the time and interest to speak to prospective students at these important sessions.

As a Class Ambassador, you will represent your class to the school and become the school’s main point of contact with your classmates. This role enables the school to better keep in touch with its alumni and to receive more direct feedback regarding Communications and Programmes.

To provide a fully rounded educational experience many of our students engage in projects for companies. If you have a project that students could benefit from, please get in touch.

Participating in an internship programme by providing placements for one or more current students or graduates is a very tangible way to give back to UCD. There are considerable benefits for both employers and students. Internships provide an excellent way of bringing talented students into your organisation. They offer experienced professionals the opportunity to share their skills and cultivate the next generation of leaders in their field while at the same time, internships can provide much required additional support and increase your organisation’s workforce. Learn more