Organise an Event/Reunion

Bringing business alumni together is at the heart of our mission and identity. We regularly organise reunions and networking events which help connect and re-connect UCD business graduates with the school and each other. Whether you are based in Ireland or abroad, the Alumni Relations office is here to maintain close links.

Organising a reunion is an ideal way to get together with friends and reminisce about your university days. It’s a fantastic opportunity to put people back in contact and revive friendships. Even if you have remained in touch over the years, hosting a reunion is great for celebrating your enduring friendship.

Would you like to organise an event? Maybe a reunion for your old friends, or former classmates? Or perhaps you'd like to set up a networking evening for alumni in your area?

Our Alumni Relations team are happy to help guide and advise you on any aspect of your event, from advertising and bookings, to promoting your events via email and social media.

If you would like to organise an event/reunion in Ireland or internationally, please contact us by e-mailing

Guidelines for Planning your Event / Reunion

Notifying the Alumni Team in advance to discuss ideas and promotion can help you plan your event. We recommend a year’s notice for larger events.

Remember that work and family commitments often mean your guests will need to be notified early of your plans! For reunion events we would suggest sending out invitations at least six months in advance and always include an RSVP date. For professional/networking events a shorter lead-in time is required. However, it is best to contact the Alumni Relations Team at least 3–4 months before the event is due to take place.

Keep a budget in mind for your event too, including transport and accommodation costs (if applicable), and find out how much people are willing to pay before you make final arrangements. For professional/networking events, sponsorship may be required.

Remember to think about the format of your reunion – it could be a pub gathering, a campus tour or include day and night-time activities. For professional or networking events, it could be a casual social gathering, professional workshop, panel event with several speakers, fireside chat with keynote speaker or sit-down dinner.

The Alumni Team can help you plan and promote your reunion in the following ways:

  • Find a friend – support in helping you trace long-lost contacts. Under the Data Protection Act we cannot pass on contact details to you directly but we can send a message to someone on your behalf if we have their contact information.
  • If there is a group of people you wish to contact for a course or society reunion, we can work with you to send out an invitation.
  • Promoting your event is key to success and we can do this through our website and social media channels. It’s worth setting up a Facebook event for your reunion, too.
  • If you would like to have a tour of campus as part of your reunion, then please let the Alumni Team know as this can be arranged.

On the day of your event, keep a record of everyone who has attended. Take plenty of photos to include with the ones from your student days.

It’s always inspiring to read about reunions that have taken place and we would be delighted to promote your event to other alumni on our website or in the magazine. If you would like us to celebrate your reunion, please send us some highlights and photos from the day.

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