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Our newsletters feature in-depth interviews and videos featuring prominent thought leaders, business alumni and academia from UCD College of Business, sharing their insights on a range of business and management topics.

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Welcome to the January 2023 edition of Business eConnections e-zine. Happy New Year to all members of our global alumni community and to those celebrating Lunar New Year, we wish you every health and success for 2023.

UCD College of Business Green Challenge - 13th Feb - 14th March
We are delighted to announce the return of our Business Alumni Challenge 2023! Previous participants will remember the health and wellbeing focus of the Challenge over the last two years. This year however, we are delighted to launch the College of Business Green Challenge - the focus of which will be sustainability and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Climate change is a crisis that effects every corner of the globe and as a global community of over 100,000 members, we have the opportunity make small, easy changes in our daily lives that can have real global impact.

How it Works?
Using the climate action app - Pawprint - we will work together by tracking small carbon saving actions such as switching switching the car for the bike, single-use to reusable, imported to locally sourced over the 30 day Challenge.

Our Goal
Our goal is to collectively save 40,000kgs of CO2e from entering our atmosphere by the end of the challenge - that’s the equivalent of saving 68,000kgs of rubbish from landfill!

Get Involved
We will be launching the Challenge on Monday 13th February so follow us on social media for information on how to get involved and take small actions to make a big impact

In this edition of our newsletter we feature interviews with Ashley McDonnell (CEMS/MSc International Management, 2016), Global Digital Media and e-Commerce Director, Puig and David Hartigan (MSc Management Consultancy, 2016), Founder and CEO at Hemp Heros.

We also include a roundup of events and news from the College of Business.

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