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CBA: The Centre for Business Analytics

MSc Business Analytics Dissertations

The MSc in Business Analytics dissertations investigate a wide range of analytics problems and work with a variety of Irish organisations to do this.

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CBA Research Projects

Inter-Cultural Trust

Inter-Cultural Trust Project, a joint research programme between Prof. Cathal Brugha at UCD and Professors Rong Du and Shizhong Ai of Xidian University Xi'an, China.

Centre for Telecommunications Value Chain Research

Value Chain Optimisation (VCO) strand of the CTVR (Centre for Telecommunications Value Chain Research), R&D programme supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Irish Development Agency (IDA) and Lucent Ireland.

IBM Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) Sponsored University Research (SUR)

IBM & UCD Integrated Supply Chain Programme facilitates research and teaching in Supply Chain Management at UCD in partnership with IBM's ISC group.

Understanding distances in heuristic search algorithms

Project led by James McDermott (Center for Business Analytics, Management Information Systems, Lochlann Quinn School of Business, UCD, also Natural Computing Research and Applications group, Complex and Adaptive Systems Lab, UCD. In collaboration with: Seán McGarraghy (Lochlann Quinn School and CASL), Edgar Galván-Lopéz (Trinity College Dublin), Una-May O'Reilly (MIT), Kalyan Veeramachaneni (MIT), Leonardo Vanneschi (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).