Talking Towns seminar series

Talking Towns is a new seminar series organised by UCD Centre for Irish Towns and UCD Earth Institute. The series aims to spark conversations about the challenges facing Irish towns, the opportunities they offer, and the role of research and policy in bringing about the revitalisation of towns in Ireland. 

Starting in October 2021 the series will run monthly over the academic year 2021-2022 and over the course of the series will feature speakers from academia, policy making and civil society. Each seminar will address a specific topic affecting Irish towns and will have three speakers, each presenting for ten minutes each with plenty of time for discussion afterwards. 

Schedule for Trimester 1 


Seminar 3: Just Transition and Irish towns

1-2pm, Thursday 2 December

  • Dr Aparajita Banerjee (UCD Business) Just Transitions and the future of small towns in Irish Midlands
  • Dr Alma Clavin (UCD Geography) Exploring place-based opportunities for Just Transition policy and practice
  • Mr Sean McCabe (TASC - Think tank for Action on Social Change) Just Transition in an Irish context

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Previous Seminars

Seminar 1: Data and Irish towns

1-2pm, Thursday 7 October

  • Dr Karen Keaveney (UCD Agriculture & Food Science): Understanding Data Needs for Participatory Democracy
  • Dr Jennifer Keenahan (UCD Civil Engineering): Wind modelling for pedestrian comfort in the built environment
  • Dr Luke Kelleher (UCD Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy): Mapping town centres

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Seminar 2: Community participation in design and planning in towns

1-2pm, Thursday 4 November

  • Dr Sarah Cotterill (UCD Civil Engineering) Community participation with water infrastructure
  • Ms Sophia Meeres (UCD Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy) Talking trees: the future forest and public participation 
  • Mr Tim Shea (UCD Masters in Regional and Urban Planning  graduate) A transatlantic comparison of systems of town regeneration

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