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Ionad Sábháilteachta Bia UCD


In the twelve years since its launch, UCD-CFS is now recognized as an academic centre of excellence in food safety research within the UCD Institute of Food & Health. The UCD Centre for Food Safety has developed close collaborations with global Irish food companies, regulators and other stakeholders. In particular UCD-CFS is recognized for its work in two thematic areas:

  • providing research leadership towards the development of better controls to reduce the impact and risks to neonatal health arising from the emerging infant pathogen Cronobacter
  • its contribution towards a better understanding of the genetic mechanisms associated with the development of multi-drug resistance in zoonotic pathogens including Salmonella and Campylobacter.

UCD-CFS has been highly successful in attracting substantial research funding since 2002. During that period, the centre has been awarded over € 20 million in research contracts from both public and private sources. This investment has enabled the centre to create a local laboratory infrastructure that is modern and capable of conducting cutting-edge research. Currently, the centre supports a research staff of two postdoctoral fellows and ten postgraduate students.



Cronobacter spp.
Antimicrobial surveillance
Biocide Resistance


Antimicrobial resistance, efflux mechanisms and molecular typing of Salmonella spp

Antimicrobial resistance in commensal organisms in dairy, pig and poultry production in Ireland as a reservoir of resistance for animal and zoonotic pathogens

The development of quantitative microbial risk assessment models for the identification of enteropathogen control strategies in food chains

Physical Decontamination Technologies to Enhance Poultry Safety and Quality

Emergence of pathogens with resistance to biocides in use in the food industry

Isolation and characterisation of Enterobacteriaceae from the infant formula food chain

PCR gel