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MHA Students Meet the Ambassador on the Global African Day
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UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action 

The UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action (UCD CHA) is an internationally recognised platform of excellence for humanitarian research and education.

"all students should have the competencies to ‘inform an opinion’ of today's crises."

Humanitarian needs have reached unprecedented levels. We are increasingly aware of crises of varying types, natural disasters, political conflicts, and/ or technological crises. The COVID-19 pandemic, the recent cost-of-living crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine, and the growing number of displaced persons seeking refuge are all reminders of the global impact of contemporary crises.

How should one react to crises? A cursory review of expert advice ranges from calls to protest in solidarity with victims to relative disinterest in the belief that one cannot influence these crises. An academic analysis might lead one down several diverging paths, including legal, political, public health, social anthropology, environmental, or maybe economic/ management direction(s). Our sister schools and colleges at UCD are increasingly building their expertise to contribute to global education and research on crises and related issues.

Whatever your areas of study at UCD, we at the UCD CHA believe that all students should have the competencies to ‘inform an opinion’ of today's crises. We have a range of programmes from the Structured PhD Programme for scholars who wish to contribute to humanitarian knowledge to the Introduction of Humanitarian Action for students who wish to gain the competencies to have informed opinions on contemporary crises.

In the mantra of John Henry Newman – the founder of UCD – students should encounter more than one discipline as essential to their intellectual formation journey. In this same vein, the UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action's transdisciplinary philosophy aligns with Newman’s in advocating for a university that encourages students from different disciplines to consider solutions to common societal problems.

Hear From our Students

Hear From our Students

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