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CITO: The Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation

Welcome to the UCD Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO)

UCD's Centre for Innovation, Technology and Organisation (CITO) is home to a multi-disciplinary research community that is broadly concerned with understanding the role played by information, knowledge and information and communication technologies (ICT) in organisational processes, both within and between business corporations and broader social institutions. More specifically, a key focus of the Centre's research activities is on understanding the dynamics of ICT-enabled organisational change, and on developing approaches and implications for the management of IS innovation.

Recent Work

Professor Donncha Kavanagh discusses Disruptive Technologies and their potential impact on industry. He shares insights into Bitcoin and the Blockchain as an interesting example of a Disruptive Technology.

Dr Kalpana Shankar, on sustaining data archives over time: lessons from the organisational studies literature. A presentation to Digital Repository of Ireland. Video on Vimeo.

Professor Robert Johnston and Dr Kai Riemer presentation at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in Orlando, FL on 18 December 2012. Their argument deals with the ways we encounter objects in the world, encounters against a background of other things, of things and equipment in the world. Object use involves imaginative engagement, physical manipulation; touching, handling, weighing them up. But when things are used they disappear from perception, they become part of the background...

An interview with Allen Higgins, whose research focuses on the phenomenology of design collaboration and how teams of creatives work together to produce digital artefacts.