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Oral Histories: New Project with RSCJs

The research team has recently conducted a complete oral history project with the RSCJs (Ireland and Scotland). The oral history project involved working closely with the congregational archivist and the Sisters. The final outcomes included creating stable digital recordings of all interviews, which were deposited at the RSCJ archives, along with transcripts of every interview.  The project was conducted to the highest ethical standards, having been subject to the UCD ethical research policy.

What are the benefits of Oral History Projects? Oral history gives women religious a voice

It has become a matter of urgency, especially in the last year, that congregations record the lives and work of their Sisters. Oral accounts will allow future researchers to understand the roles and work of Sisters. We are committed to conducting oral history projects, to the highest ethical standards. 

The ConventCollections research team have undertaken training in oral history research, and completed several projects with different congregations, drawing on oral accounts.

Interested in developing an oral history project? Contact (opens in a new window)deirdre.raftery@ucd.ie