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Mary Kelly-Quinn (Project Coordinator)
University College Dublin, Ireland
Expertise: Freshwater ecology, biodiversity, multiple stressors & climate change, ecosystem services, management of the small stream network, citizen science.
Michael Bruen (Co-investigator/work package leader)
University College Dublin, Ireland
Expertise: Hydrology, environmental modelling and data analysis, multi-criteria decision support systems.
Mike Christie (Co-investigator/work package leader)
Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom
Expertise: Environmental and ecological economics; ecosystem services, nature’s contributions to people, IPBES, non-market valuation, stated preference methods, choice experiments.
Jeremy (Jay) Piggott (Co-investigator/work package leader)
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Expertise: Biodiversity, freshwater management, climate change & multiple stressors, ecosystem function, ecosystem services, connecting science & policy.
Marcin Penk (Co-investigator)
University College Dublin, Ireland & Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Expertise: Aquatic biology, community ecology, ecosystem functioning, anthropogenic stressors.
Christian K. Feld (Co-investigator/work package leader)
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Expertise: Freshwater ecology, aquatic bioindication and ecosystem assessment, biodiversity, stream restoration with riparian buffer strips, statistical data analysis, Bayesian Belief Networks, interactive tools for end users in ecosystem management.
Craig Bullock (Co-investigator)
University College Dublin, Ireland
Expertise: Economic and social value of the environment.
Jasper Kenter (Co-investigator)
University of York, United Kingdom
Expertise: Ecological economics; shared, social and cultural values of nature; deliberative and participatory approaches.