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Freshwater Biodiversity, Ecology & Fisheries Research Group


Freshwater research in Science, UCD dates back to the 1930s when Carmel F. Humphries returned to UCD from Plön, having studied there under the direction of International Society of Limnology (SIL) co-founder, August Thienemann. Professor Humphries introduced a succession of Irish students to limnology until her retirement in 1978. In later years the group expanded its research interests under the direction of Professor John J. Bracken (deceased) and Dr Declan Murray (retired). Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn took over as principal investigator in 2000. The research activities of the group address both basic and applied freshwater science with special emphasis on evaluation of the impact of anthropogenic activity on both ecological and physicochemical water quality, macroinvertebrate biodiversity and ecology, and fishery science. Not surprisingly, given the initial association with Thienemann, the group has a strong tradition in taxonomic studies.

Curently, UCD freshwater research is among the largest freshwater research groups in Ireland, with alumni now in many key positions in both policy, academia and research organisations in Ireland. The group is involved in several national research projects covering a wide range of topics, from Water Framework Direction typologies, sediment dynamics, agricultural practicies, fisheries and ecosystem services. 



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