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'For development to be truly sustainable, language and culture must be granted full attention.' 

About Languages for Life

UCD Languages for Life promotes language awareness and language learning as essential elements of the current university strategy. It also forms a coordinated response to the main goals of Languages Connect, the National Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026.

UCD Languages for Life embraces the following vision:

UCD will endeavour to widen access for its students to language learning and to support the development of language competency across the range of disciplines. It will foster an environment where multilingualism and cultural diversity are valued and thrive. The ability to communicate in at least one language other than one’s mother tongue will be identified as a key skill and the many benefits of learning other languages will be actively promoted across the campus.

‘Skills of working across cultures, including language skills, are increasingly important to success, understanding and problem-solving.’ (Rising to the Future: UCD Strategy 2020-2024)

‘Strengthening our “global competency” requires the competence to speak, understand and think in foreign languages.’ (UCD Global Engagement Strategy 2021-2024)

‘Knowledge of foreign languages is essential for Ireland’s cultural, social and economic welfare.’ (Languages Connect: Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026)

‘Students with an interest in an EU career should be further encouraged to continue learning languages at third level.’ (A Career for EU: Ireland’s Strategy to Increase Irish Representation in the European Union’s Institutions and Agencies)

UCD Languages for Life

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