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Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

'Creating the illusion of self-motion through sound', Jordan Higgins, Univeristy of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.

'Mixed-method case studies in the assessment of capability amongst digital musicians with cerebral palsy - participatory design is better design', Brenda McCloskey and Brian Bridges, School of Creative Arts and Technologies, University of Ulster, L/Derry.

'Cloud chamber music - an installation utilising computer vision to tie music making to sub atomic particles', Thomas Power, Music & Media Technology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

‘A CSound and HTML5 based cross platform audio development system’, Edward Costello & Victor Lassarini, Sound and Digitial Music Technology Group, Maynooth University

‘Applying a group delay technique to parameter resynthesis of Brazilian Cuica sounds decomposed using the Modal Distribution’, Thomas Lysaght & Joseph Timoney, Maynooth University 

Posters and Demos will be displayed during coffee breaks at 11:20 am and 3:45pm

Mustwork 2016

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