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Posted: 20 Aug 2012

17 UCD courses increase by 25 or more points

Points for most courses at UCD have risen, with 17 increasing by 25 or more points, reflecting in part the impact of the extra points for higher maths but also the rise of over 10% in first preferences for UCD among CAO applicants this year.

Unsurprisingly, points for Science (DN200) increased by 45 from 455 in 2011 to 500 and Computer Science (DN201) increased by 60 from 410 in 2011 to 470.  Both degrees have been growing in popularity over a number of years and experienced significant growth in first preferences again this year continuing a trend that began several years ago.

“The debate regarding the value of bonus points for higher maths raised concerns that this would distort the points for high-point courses that do not require higher maths.  It is the case that 17 UCD courses have increased by 25 or more points in round one.  However, many of our degrees, such as Law (DN600), Business & Law (DN610), Commerce (DN650) and Psychology (DN519) show an increase in points more in line with the increase in first preferences.” Professor Mark Rogers, Deputy President of UCD said.

Engineering (DN150), which has a C3 higher maths entry requirement, also experienced an increase in first preferences (10%) this year and points have increased by 30 from 430 to 460.  The university has expanded the number of offers being made in Engineering.

“Regardless of the motivation around the introduction of bonus maths points, the fact that we can make more offers to suitably qualified candidates for engineering is to be welcomed.” Professor Rogers said.

Other degrees requiring honours maths; Economics & Finance (DN671) and Actuarial & Financial Studies (DN230) went up by 60 and 35 points respectively while Structural Engineering & Architecture (DN140) rose by 15 points.

The BA (DN500) degree, which is the largest Arts entry programme in the country, showed no change in its points at 355 in round one.

“It will take some time and analysis to fully understand the impact of bonus points for higher maths across the range of degrees offered in UCD as the addition of this further variable adds more complexity to an already complex interaction between courses across the different universities, available places and student preferences.”

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17 UCD courses increase by 25 or more points - Students by the Lake
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