Professional Diploma in Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

June 2021

12 months 

The Professional Diploma in Dispute Resolution (Mediation) has been developed to address the changing ways in which disputes are now being resolved. Businesses and individuals are no longer willing to bear the expense and time of going to court and are turning to alternative ways of resolving conflict. This change means organisations need people skilled in preventing and managing disputes and guiding them through more efficient and successful processes like mediation. This Diploma is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, manage and resolve disputes in a wide variety of settings and contexts. The programme takes a practical approach and features a global faculty of expert practitioners working at the cutting edge of dispute resolution.


An approved university degree or law-based interdisciplinary university degree or alternatively other academic and/or professional qualifications and/or experience that demonstrates that the applicant will be able to participate on the course.

The Diploma programme consists of three Modules: ‘Dispute Analysis and Intervention’: addressing the root causes and effects of conflict and analysing the role of communication in driving and resolving conflict and also introducing the core skills of negotiation. ‘Mediation Processes and Skills’: focussing on mediation, both the theory and process models, and exploring the range of mediation skills and competencies. ‘Technology and Regulation’: locating the practice of mediation in a dynamic and evolving regulatory framework, addressing the current laws and ethics and the role of technology in mediation.

Participants in the Diploma will learn how to discuss and critically analyse different theories of and approaches to conflict and dispute resolution, with a particular focus on mediation. On completion they will have an understanding of the legal and professional principles applied in dispute scenarios and the strategies and approaches to dispute resolution and mediation. The skills of how to evaluate which interventions and strategies are required in different contexts will also be acquired. The Capstone Project will also allow students to evidence attainment of their learning outcomes to their employers, resulting in practical and readily implementable strategies for managing disputes in their working lives.

This programme is delivered fully online, with interactive modules allowing students to work at their own pace and in their own time. This is combined with live coaching and skills practice and small group work. Continuous assessment will culminate with a practical Capstone Project.

This programme is designed for those seeking career advancement in a range of law and non-law settings and across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Thus applications will be considered from the following cohorts:
- Members of the legal and related professions,
- Graduates holding an approved university degree or law-based interdisciplinary university degree,
- Persons with other academic and/or professional qualifications and/or such experiences as would satisfy the School that they are able to participate in this course.

On completion of the Professional Diploma in Dispute Resolution (Mediation) graduates will be positioned well to undertake roles that require an ability to manage and intervene effectively in conflict and
dispute situations.

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