Professional Certificate in Skin & Hair Follicle Science

September 2021

4 Months

The webinar-based, interactive lecture schedule and fact-based assessment series will comprise of approx. 25 hours of direct teaching to provide a fundamental and comprehensive knowledge base in the human skin and hair follicle biological sciences. The lecture block will cover an introduction to the biology of the skin and its appendages, and where relevant, will include variations with gender, age, and geographic ancestry. While this professional certificate will not focus specifically on topics of overt clinical pathology of the skin, it will refer to common mild physiological changes (e.g., male pattern baldness, dry skin, oily skin) that may be of interest to the personal care market. Participants will develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of human skin and its appendages (principally the hair follicle and nail) and will enhance their knowledge of the scientific basis of skin function. They will also develop an understanding of the impact of skin and its appendages on our well-being.


Applicants should have a BSc (NFQ Level 8 or international equivalent) in a Biology-based or Life Sciences-based degree from a recognised Irish or international third level institution in subjects allied to medicine i.e., anatomy, physiology & pathology; pharmacology, toxicology; pharmacy;analytical Sciences; and laboratory Practice.

Fully-online interactive webinar course delivered over 1 trimester in one teaching block to equip graduates with the knowledge and understanding of human skin and its appendages.

All aspects of the course delivery that are credit-bearing are online, via webinars broadcasted via Adobe Connect. As this is an interactive course with a Q & A session at the end of each live-streamed lecture, we strongly suggest that students attend the live sessions. However, webinars will also be available for strictly limited playback unless otherwise specified.

Candidates working in or wishing to work in the Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Allied Healthcare, and similar settings, with an interest in skin and hair/hair follicle science in health and disease. Graduates from a biological, biomedical, biochemical, bioengineering, and/or general life sciences background, clinicians (including nurses) and other professionals working in industrial or academic research environments.

Skills and knoweldge aquired upon completion of this programme can be applied to better understand and manage issues around Skin & Hair Follicle Science in academic research, clinical scenarios, and the Pharmaceutical industry.

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