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Associate Professor Mary Kelly-Quinn (Project Coordinator)

School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD

email: (opens in a new window)mary.kelly-quinn@ucd.ie 

Mary Kelly-Quinn is a lecturer in the School of Biology and Environmental Science. Her primary research activities focus on the assessment of land-use and other anthropogenic activities on the hydrochemical and ecological quality of surface waters. She has completed studies on the aquatic habitats of peatlands, agricultural, upland, urban and forested landscapes (HYDROFOR) as well as canals and constructed wetlands . Much of her research contributes to the information needs of the Water Framework Directive. She been a partner in several national projects such as RIVTYPE, WATERAC, FORWAT, HYDROFOR and PATHWAYS. Current large-scale projects include Siltflux and ESManage (www.ucd.ie/esmanage). 

Professor Michael Bruen

School of Civil Engineering, UCD

email: michael.bruen@ucd.ie

Michael Bruen has been a member of the Academic staff at UCD since 1991. He has been Principle investigator on EU and Irish funded research projects and has been involved in over 20 research projects to a total value of 15M euro. He is Associated Editor of the Journal of Hydrology and is on the Editorial Board of Hydrological Research.

Dr Jonathan Turner

School of Geography, UCD

email: (opens in a new window)jonathan.turner@ucd.ie 

Jonathan Turner is a lecturer in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy UCD. His PhD, awarded in 2004, investigated the impacts of the 1998 Aznalcóllar tailings dam failure, SW Spain and included monitoring of sediment-borne contamination and fluxes following post-spill remediation works, together with geochemical finger-printing of catchment sediment sources.  He has 10 years experience of research in fluvial systems with specific expertise in integrated geomorphological-geochemical investigations of contaminant transfer in heavily impacted catchments and flood reconstruction using palaeohydrological approaches.

Dr Jens Carlsson

School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD

email: (opens in a new window)jens.carlsson@ucd.ie


Jens Carlsson's research interests are in conservation, ecological and population genetics, as well as evolutionary biology. He employs genetic tools at population and individual levels to study genetic questions (gene flow, genetic drift, effective population size and selection) and to couple genetics with behaviors (kin-biased behaviours, reproductive success, mate choice, migratory behavior and life-history). He is also interested in conservation genetics, functional genomics and studies that combine population genetics, behaviour and ecology. In addition, he is interested in theoretical population genetics based on simulations and co-evolution of host-parasite systems.  His research is primarily focused on aquatic organisms including fishes, shellfish and hydrothermal vent and methane seep fauna.

Dr Craig Bullock

School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy

email: (opens in a new window)craig.bullock@ucd.ie

Craig Bullock is a research fellow in Planning and Environmental Policy (APEP) at UCD. His principal research interests are in the areas of environmental policy analysis, environmental valuation, the natural environment and ecosystem services. He is currently contributing to the ESManage project on ecosystem service values and the freshwater environment, EcoHealth on green infrastructure and human health and well-being, and the EU FP7 OPERAs project on operationalising the ecosystem service concept, specifically in relation to the link between socio-cultural and economic values. He has previously been the lead researcher on the EPA projects EcoRisk, which looked at the environmental liability estimation in relation to ecosystem service values, and Adapt, adaptation decision making for climate change. Craig also manages Optimize,  an environmental, economic and social consultancy working in the areas of environmental and social impact assessment, environmental and social policy analysis, recreation and natural capital and project evaluation. Projects have included economic analysis and feasibility studies the natural environment, recreation strategies, heritage protection, green infrastructure and climate change as well as transport and infrastructure assessment.

Dr John O’Sullivan 

School of Civil Engineering, UCD

email: (opens in a new window)jj.osullivan@ucd.ie

John O’Sullivan is part of a Fellow of the UCD Earth Institute and a member of the UCD Dooge Centre for Water Resources Research in the School of Civil Engineering.  He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BAI, 1993), the Queen's University of Belfast (MSc, 1994) and the University of Ulster (PhD, 1999). Dr. O’Sullivan’s research interests are in river hydraulics, hydrology, hydrological and hydrodynamic, flooding and the sustainability of urban water resources.  Dr. O'Sullivan has led national and European projects in these areas. He has supervised 5 PhD and 3 research masters students to completion.  Dr. O'Sullivan has published in excess of 34 international peer reviewed journal papers, 1 book chapter and 50 conference papers and is an Associate Editor for the International Water Association (IWA) Journal of Water Supply and Technology and is on the International Advisory Board of the Journal of Hydrology and Environment Research.

Mr Bernie Ball

School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD

email: (opens in a new window)bernie.ball@ucd.ie


Bernie Ball is a molecular biologist in Dr. Jens Carlsson’s molecular ecology research group.  My current research involves the development of metabarcoding approaches (laboratory and bioinformatics procedures) for eDNA samples from Irish freshwater using the mtDNA COI gene to assess levels of biodiversity from water samples.  Additionally, I am developing qPCR probes to detect presence and possibly quantify the relative biomass of twaite and allis shad, and the white clawed crayfish.

Ms Siobhan Atkinson

School of Biology and Environmental Science

email: (opens in a new window)siobhan.atkinson@ucdconnect.ie

Siobhán Atkinson is a PhD student on the Reconnect team. She completed her BSc in Environmental Biology in University College Dublin. Siobhán has a keen interest in applied freshwater ecology, the impact humans have on freshwater ecosystems and the impact and management of invasive species. She looks forward to developing her skills and interests further through the Reconnect project.

Mr. Colm M. Casserly

School of Civil Engineering/School of Geography, UCD
email: (opens in a new window)colm.casserly@ucdconnect.ie

Colm Casserly is a PhD candidate and a Reconnect team member since 2016. After studying
Geography at University College Dublin, his research activities have primarily focused on the
geomorphic and hydromorphological impacts that man-made barriers have on fluvial systems. With
a particular interest in both bedload and suspended sediment transport, Colm is developing a set of
field procedures and techniques for monitoring the impact barrier emplacement has on reach-scale
sediment dynamics and channel responses post-removal.