Shaping the Future

  • 26 March 2021
  • UCD Research and Innovation


UCD’s story of research, scholarship and innovation is one of diversity and depth. Our academic community spans a broad range  of disciplines, and is driven by the pursuit, the application and the sharing of knowledge.

While Covid-19 is the most immediate of the global challenges facing humanity, it is not the only one. The challenges of sustainability, of harnessing the power of digital technologies, of sustaining health and of empowering humanity also depend centrally on the advances that come through research and innovation.

This strategy outlines how UCD will build on our success to date in order to produce excellent and impactful research and innovation that makes a real difference in areas of national and global need.

Professor Orla Feely 
Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact


Read the full strategy: Shaping the Future (PDF)