Research Culture

UCD strives to provide a culture and environment that enables our researchers to deliver on their potential and ambitions. We seek excellence not only in what we deliver but also in how we deliver it, with a work culture that fully reflects the University’s values and provides visible support for our research community at all levels.

In our short video, UCD VRPII Prof Orla Feely introduces the UCD Research Culture Initiative, which aims to reinforce a positive research culture in the University, one that supports an innovative and creative research environment, in which excellent research is carried out with integrity and the full range of activities that characterise high quality research are recognised and rewarded.

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Our Values

UCD Research Culture Initiative

  • UCD Research Culture Initiative team

Research Culture encompasses the way we do our research, our behaviours and attitudes to each other in our work, how we value the contributions of others involved in our research and how our research is communicated. Working together, we will develop pathways to develop UCD’s Research Culture, learning how it can be improved to create a more positive, inclusive and affirming work environment for our research community. 

2 May 2023

Developing UCD's Research Culture: 2021 to 2023

  • Dr Colleen Thomas

Since 2021, an interdisciplinary team of faculty and professional staff has been working on the Research Culture Initiative at UCD. The project, which was instigated by the launch of the University's research and innovation strategy Shaping the Future, began with a Research Culture Survey of the UCD research community, followed by some university-wide World Café events, a video series and culminated in a detailed report to take new learnings forward.