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COVID-19 Research & Face-to-Face Interaction:

Please note research with human subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic that intends to use face-to-face data collection is required to complete the Human Research Risk Assessment Template. This is a self assessment process, for research studies that fall into one of the very high risk categories. For more information please see the Safety Insurance Operational Risk and Compliance (SIRC) office website.

Please also note the following points:

  • The Human Risk Assessment Template must be completed by new applicants seeking ethical approval and by those already approved to engage in research and who wish to re-engage in same following the interruption due to COVID-19.
  • For new applicants this risk assessment may be reviewed as part of their Research Ethics submission by the Research Ethics Committee or the Safety Insurance Operational Risk and Compliance (SIRC) Office. It must be made available for review as required.
  • For researchers already approved by the HREC this risk assessment must be completed prior to re-engaging in face-to-face research. Research may only recommence without referral back to the HREC or the SIRC Office if the work does not fall into one of the categories listed in the form. Please also note that researchers who wish to amend their existing approved research to now include face-to-face interation must complete the Human Research Risk Assessment Template and submit to and following a successful outcome submit the HREC Amend/Extend Form to, if applicable.

For researchers who are not intending to recruit participants for face-to-face interaction, and are considering other ways of data collection please consider the following, which may or may or may not be possible depending on the nature of your study:

  • consider moving to a secure online platform, but consider also how this will impact on the consenting process;
  • suspend data collection until a later date if possible, and consider requesting an extension for your data collection;  
  • if you are amending your study submit an Amendment Request (HR4) form to

Please note that there are numerous types of research that may not be possible to carry out such as research with vulnerable groups or research overseas.  Please keep informed and seek up to date information from the following:


COVID-19 Submissions for Full Ethical Review:

Please note that the HRECs are prioritising all submissions of COVID-19 related research. Please click here for more details.

Staying safe online during a pandemic

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